Pursue- Daily Prompt

Pursuing happiness 

Chasing fame 

Looking for love in 

The wrong places 

Pursuing, being pursued 

Chasing wind, catching 

Pain, too much pursuing 

Not enough attainment 

Spent time in school 

Pursuing a paper of grades

And accomplishments only to

Stroke the ego more and more  

Only to leave school 

Pursing yet another 

Persons opinion of 

Who they think we are 

Always pursuing never 

Attaining, not quite there

Never making it, always preparing for

A future missing the present

Never really there, the 

Finishing line keeps moving

Further away, let me touch the 

Line I’m pursuing 

Time to get closer

Time to create 

Time to be free 

Time to fly

Time to shine 

Time to recreate 

© 2017 Shereena Badu



Tuesday Quote ❤

Today please don’t forget to snap back to reality to the beautiful and amazing person that you are. We are all create with unique gifts, that can only be realized once we take the attention off others and redirect it back to ourselves. Be yourself today and the possibilities are endless! Be grateful today and have a wonderful Tuesday everyone😍🤗❤❤❤😘😘


Funny how when you take

Off the make-up you’re

Still with you, face to face

With reality of what is


Self-love seem far-fetched

But so close and so near

It maybe easy to physically

Change but in the mirror

you stare right back at you


The deeper you go the

Vast and mysterious

Beauty is, self-love

Authenticity, self-esteem

Can not to given but can

Be found in those

Willing to be afraid once

In a while and mysterious
Never allow anyone

To gaslight you into

Thinking what you are

Is not enough, someone

Is always trying to tell

You, your bare essence isn’t

Enough but who makes the

Rules anyways? Who, they

And them? Who are they?


Who is the question mark that

Says you’re not enough

Think deeper who sets the

Rules? who is willing

To break the invisible

Force and the

Psychological contract

Of not being enough by standards

Question who, they and ask

Why? why do I care anyway?
© 2017 Shereena Badu

24 hours 

24 hours is all that is

Needed for anything 

To go right or wrong 

Sometimes the lightbulb 

Moment happens in 24 hours 

24 hours to truly see

You love someone or 

Even hate them 

24 hours of enlightenment 

24 hours of total presence 

And true appreciation 

24 hours to make a decision 

To leave or stay 

Truly sometimes true 

Heartbreak happens 

In 24 hours but the heart 

Holds on for longer 

Convincing the mind that 

The pain still exist 

24 hours to heal and 

24 hours to truly 

Awaken to ones true potential 

Make or break it all happens

In a day, some bad news take a day 

Deliver and a lifetime to 

Recover, with awareness everything and 

Anything that can break or make 

You happens in 24 hours 

24 hours is all it takes to 

Live life to the full, ready to 

Surrender and move forward 

24 hours is enough for anything

 And everything, don’t waste  

This 24 hours wishing for another

24 hours when you are not 

Present enough to enjoy 

This day! 24 hours is all that 

Is needed to make a change 


© 2017 Shereena Badu