Focus- Daily Prompt


Friday Quote ❤

When life doesn’t go the way you want it to, just remember that in 24 hours, you have another opportunity to try again. Life moves forward with or without your permission so make it your goal and go on no matter what you are going through, Keep moving forward. Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🤗😘❤❤

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Tender- Daily Prompt


Another rejection email 

“Sorry were not taking your 

Application any further we 

Wish you success very soon”

Rejection is painful, the feeling 

Of not getting what the heart desires 

Is painful, I can feel body react to 

The rejection as I read yet another email 

I have to be tender with myself 

It’s not my fault, but still it’s painful

They say everything happens for a reason 

But really, I need tender affection 

They need to be tender with my emotions 

Rejection is painful even when I know it’s not personal but still I need some tender affection, Tenderness and more…….

© 2017 Shereena Badu