5 things I learned when I returned to my hobby

Most people are living a lifestyle, they are making money doing what they love and getting rewarded for it, they have turned their hobbies into lifestyles and reaping the benefits. They get paid doing what they love and  are living an abundant life. I am not saying money is everything but we can see that most people are living and getting paid doing what they love, they have created a life doing what they love. Selfie generation has everyone snapping away, no moment is lost and we love taking photos of everything. I love taking photos not just selfies but lovely pictures. I find myself paying particular attention when I am taking pictures and never miss anything I define beautiful. Lately I am in the mood to take pictures again and get back into photography. It’s a hobby I want to start taking seriously again and somehow my intuition is pushing me back to it again. Its been a few months and wanted to share 5 things I have learned so far about hobbies in general,  let’s dive in
1More focused
This is nothing new but somehow when you find something to do you have less time to gossip. Its true what they say an idle mind is the devils play ground how true is that. Since I started focusing more on photography all I can think of are places I want to visit to take beautiful pictures. My mind is occupied and ideas are flowing in each day of what to do. Its amazing what the mind can achieve with a plan.
2. You become present
Having hobby keeps you in the present moment, because you’re constantly thinking about feeding your hobby and keeping it alive. What having hobby does is allow you to think of today and what you can do now even if you’re working. E.g. each day I think of what I can capture, what I would like to see for the day. If I see the sun shining instead of walking in the sun, I am reminded to capture that beauty for the day and not miss it. Now this may seem not important, but I am reminded to make each day count, rather than allowing the day to pass without a memory.
3. Everyone wants a boyfriend, try a  hobby
I’ve learned that having a hobby can contribute to your life. Not saying having a hobby will fulfil you and you shouldn’t pursue a relationship. The point here is having a hobby can be another form of relationship with yourself where you focus on giving and sharing rather than always seeking. Relationships are a huge part of life and we all need it, however whilst you are single or even if you’re in a relationship why not invest in a meaningful hobby that can fulfil you and give you some form of satisfaction you can share with others.
4. You start to appreciate more things
Now I wouldn’t say I live in the best neighbourhood but somehow I am now realising the beauty around me in general. I honestly believed I appreciated things but now I see that actually I took a lot of things for granted. Since I started paying more attention I appreciate so much, with a different pair of eyes one can see the beauty in life. Beauty is everywhere, I used to believe that I needed to travel to capture beautiful pictures now I see that it only takes a beautiful pair of eyes to capture beauty in unexpected places. You may not need to travel to Hawaii or the Bahamas  to see beauty just a little attention to details and a nice camera to take beautiful pictures right outside your window.
5. Closer to nature
Now my hobby is photography and this has certainly brought me closer to nature and my creator. It’s lovely to know and read about how amazing our creator is and how wonderful he is and the order in his works. It’s another to see it with your own eyes. Since I started taking more pictures my eyes are opened to what I never paid attention to. I see the beauty, I understand intellectually the order in the universe. People can convince you that the earth is beautiful but only through experience can one truly understand what that mean. Experience is the greatest teacher, without experience life is a mere theory we read out and hope others understand us. I see beauty everywhere and it like another part of my eyes are opened for the first time in my life. I see clearly and I am convinced and no one can tell me anything else about creation my own eyes haven’t seen.
without experience life is a mere theory we read out and hope others understand us” -Shereena Badu
In conclusion I’ve learned that having a hobby, is like a camera it allows you to focus on what’s important to you whilst you try to capture the beauty in life. I understand that not everyone wants a hobby or have the time to invest in a hobby, I learned that having a hobby can add to life in a meaningful way. It can distract you from focusing on what is not important, it can boost your confidence and spice up your life. And finally having a hobby keeps you dreaming and excited about the next moment while you anticipate the life ahead. Stay focused, stay blessed, you’re worthy.
© 2017 Shereena Badu

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