Just observing

It’s funny how we feel that we cheat on others by lying and deceiving them. We may gain so much from our deceit but be emotionally bankrupt, what we gain when we lie we lose spiritually. A beautiful life is not lived on the outside but rather on the inside, you may hurt people and for a temporary time feel good that you have the upper hand. But feel so crappy inside you lose sleep at night, you gained on the outside but lost on the inside what actually matters the most.
See life is inside out, hurt people hurt and most of the time the pain hurt people impose on their volunteers are only slices of the pain they actually feel. Their empty lives still remains empty, dry and dehydrated. Not trying to preach just  thinking out loud and being the observer of life, peace of mind is the new wealth and love is the new currency. If you do not have peace of mind, then now is the time to change your emotional credit score. Just sharing what’s on my heart today.
Enjoy your Monday and the rest of the week, make it happen and stay blessed
Until next time….

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