Disloyal man 

He will cut you 

In slices in a heartbeat 

A Wolf dressed as a sheep 

He seduces with his 

Fine perfume and his charm 

Posing as a dream

Only to reveal the nightmare 

He really is, disloyalty 

Betrayal, deceit and lies 

His words and actions crumble 

When the truth is revealed 

It’s only games and lyrics 

He speaks in a sweet voice 

Disloyal, he destroys 

He returns to the scene 

Of the crimes he committed 

Only to examine the details of 

His work, he is disloyal 

He came to destroy not to 

Rebuild, Yes he is disloyal 

Believe his lies and you will

sink in his ocean of lies,

trust him and you will drown 

In agony, there is no truth in 

Him make no mistake about 

It he is still disloyal 

© 2017 Shereena Badu


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