Saturday Quote ❤

It’s so nice to look back and appreciate our achievements and what we used to do in the past. The joys of what used to be can be so intense we miss what we are really doing in the present. For example let’s say you graduated from university 3 years ago and since then you have been unemployed and not doing anything productive. It can be so comforting to look back at your graduation pictures and be filled with joy of how hard you worked and how well you did back then. Forgetting that those days are gone and the present moment still requires the same effort and presence. 

Another example is looking at old photographs, perhaps you used to be a size 6 when you were 19 years old. But today you’re a 30 years old woman, size 16 and with 2 kids. Now the joys of looking at what you used to be can get you through a few years without awareness. But the reality is you are no longer that person in the photo. Your circumstances have changed and therefore you need to change with it and work accordingly. Wasting time looking back is only distracting you from where you really are today. Only by being realistic and attentive can one really see the truth of where they are. What used to be is not what it is now. 

Not resting on your laurels, will ensure that what you achieved yesterday is also being achieved today. You may not be able to do the same things today depending on your circumstances and level of awareness, but with the understanding that one must continue to grow will enable you to progress and meet yourself where you are not where you used to be. I encourage you today to sit with yourself and see which area in your life you’re taking for granted and make up your mind today to no longer be comfortable with what was and be real with what is and make the decision to start working towards where you wish to be. 

Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people until next time… ❤😍😘😘🤗

© 2017 Shereena Badu


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