Sunday Quote ❤

Often times we cannot accept life and what it brings to us, we judge and try to control circumstances beyond our control. Forgetting that what we resist persist, yes life is full of surprises with gifts and lessons we cannot accept once we open the wrapper of unforseen circumstances and unwanted problems. But this does not mean that what is happening should not be happening in our lives. Who would we rather pick for life to beat and kick around? 

It’s our life and what is happening is happening for a reason we cannot see today. It’s time to stop fighting with what is and start embracing whatever life throws our way with open arms. Willing and ready to accept and deal with issues as they come, accept life for what it is no judgements, no control and no resistance! Surrender to a beautiful Sunday people much love and peace to everyone ❤❤😍😍😘😘😘

© 2017 Shereena Badu


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