Pursue- Daily Prompt

Pursuing happiness 

Chasing fame 

Looking for love in 

The wrong places 

Pursuing, being pursued 

Chasing wind, catching 

Pain, too much pursuing 

Not enough attainment 

Spent time in school 

Pursuing a paper of grades

And accomplishments only to

Stroke the ego more and more  

Only to leave school 

Pursing yet another 

Persons opinion of 

Who they think we are 

Always pursuing never 

Attaining, not quite there

Never making it, always preparing for

A future missing the present

Never really there, the 

Finishing line keeps moving

Further away, let me touch the 

Line I’m pursuing 

Time to get closer

Time to create 

Time to be free 

Time to fly

Time to shine 

Time to recreate 

© 2017 Shereena Badu



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