24 hours 

24 hours is all that is

Needed for anything 

To go right or wrong 

Sometimes the lightbulb 

Moment happens in 24 hours 

24 hours to truly see

You love someone or 

Even hate them 

24 hours of enlightenment 

24 hours of total presence 

And true appreciation 

24 hours to make a decision 

To leave or stay 

Truly sometimes true 

Heartbreak happens 

In 24 hours but the heart 

Holds on for longer 

Convincing the mind that 

The pain still exist 

24 hours to heal and 

24 hours to truly 

Awaken to ones true potential 

Make or break it all happens

In a day, some bad news take a day 

Deliver and a lifetime to 

Recover, with awareness everything and 

Anything that can break or make 

You happens in 24 hours 

24 hours is all it takes to 

Live life to the full, ready to 

Surrender and move forward 

24 hours is enough for anything

 And everything, don’t waste  

This 24 hours wishing for another

24 hours when you are not 

Present enough to enjoy 

This day! 24 hours is all that 

Is needed to make a change 


© 2017 Shereena Badu


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