Worrying, sitting there 

Biting nails, desperately

Trying to put things in perspective

Believing that another thought 

Will change the outcome 

Of an event that is beyond control 

Worrying, thinking, painfully

Holding on and making up 

The turn of events that may never 

Happen, putting pieces together 

That only the present moment will 

Reveal, 24 hours is the gift given to all

But wasting the precious 24 hours 

Being anxious about the future kills

Joy, heart beating faster than normal 

Sweaty palms, thinking what will happen?

Is everything going to be ok?

What ifs? Why this? Why that?

What will happen? Wait breathe 

It only takes 24 hours!

24 hours is all that’s needed for things 

To go right or wrong. 24 hours for your 

World to end or begin. Wasting precious

Hours worrying only spoil the moment 

When it arrives, beginning or an end 

All it takes is 24 hours 

Being anxious changes nothing

© 2017 Shereena Badu

Image from wordswag


4 thoughts on “Anxiety

    1. So true, anxiety changes nothing at all! That’s me right now, I have a big day tomorrow and oh boy I’m so anxious 😢. I use wordswag that’s where I get some of my images from, you buy the app and you get access to thousands of images.


      1. It is the one thing I cannot talk myself down from. The logical part of my brain cannot break through the illogical anxiety. Or even if it is logical anxiety it is out of control and I can’t calm it. It’s so frustrating ! I hope your day tomorrow is filled with calm! And if that isn’t possible then I hope that it is filled with good in spite of the anxiety.

        Liked by 1 person

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