Symptom- Daily Prompt


We’re all popping pills 

Assuming we’re getting

better only to find we’re 

Only masking the symptoms 

of our illness and Dis-ease

The symptoms may disappear 

For some time but the truth is 

The real issue still lie underneath 

We may feel better but still

Sick so why fight the symptoms

When we should be fighting the real

Cause of Dis-ease 

It seems we are happy with the 

Temporary illusion of getting 

Better only for the symptoms 

To reappear yet again another time

Just because we feel

Better doesn’t mean

We’re well, our symptoms

maybe masked giving the false

Hope of health but still not a 

Cure, only a relief of the

Symptoms still leaving the 

the real issues behind our 


© 2017 Shereena Badu


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