Luck- Daily Prompt


Some depend on 

Luck, luck without 

Preparing is no luck 

Only action and preparation 

Guarantees luck

If you remove luck out of 

the equation 

You find that only

hard work matters

Other than that luck 

Is no use to the one 

Unprepared for what life throws

at them


4 thoughts on “Luck- Daily Prompt

  1. Heyyyy thats a nice poem πŸ™‚ luck doesnt matter if there is hard work..
    BUt sometimes luck worka even if your not that persevering by nature…

    Pls go thru my latest blogposts and give me feedback.. its only feedback from other that motivate me to write more and sustain the blogging passion.

    Regards :)))

    Liked by 1 person

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