Regret is a useless emotion 

Regret doesn’t solve anything

Regret is only as useful as 

Trying to change the past 

 It’s impossible 

Living a life of regret 

Is like trying to catch a

Wind it’s impossible 

Regrets steals the present 

Moment only to show 

You the empty jar of the 

Past holding no 

Intrinsic value to the present 


Living a life of regret only 

Shows you how powerless 

You are and a victim who can

Not move forward 

Living a life of regret should be 

Shunned. The only regret one 

Should have is allowing regret 

To steal the present with no value 

To add but regret and worry

Regret doesn’t exist why dwell on it 

Regret doesn’t prove anything 

Why waste your time 

The only thing that needs to

be regretted is the time wasted 

Regretting anything 

Stop Regretting 

Anything, start

Living, start forgiving 

And move forward

Even if it’s baby steps 


© 2017 Shereena Badu


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