A woman  

These are the 

Titles used to 

Describe anything 

not male 

Does the title 

Or name define 

US woman in full No

It doesnt!

What is a woman?

No words can define 

Or describe what it takes 

To be a woman  

Many places devalue

And mistreat women 

As if they are there to only 

Satisfy men and

give birth, some 

Cultures go as far 

as to steal the joys of their 

Women through mutilation

killing them inside before their 

Actual death 

Women still empowers 

Women are the foundation  

And the pillars of a family 

Women nurture and heal 

Women satisfy and cater 

Women are not paid enough

and over worked but still 

Women stay strong 

Women are beautiful

Women are women 

Because of what we are 

And what we do

The beauty of a 

Woman is the strength 

It takes to hold 

Down her family 

Even if she’s dealt 

with the wrong 


You are a woman

The epitome 

Of beauty and love 

The gateway of many 

Nations and the strength 

Behind many men and boys 

© 2017 Shereena Badu


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