Ruminate- Daily Prompt

As am sat here 

Ruminating about 

the future, it dawned 

On me that life 

Is not what meets the eyes 

Life is much more 

Complex than what we see

Now I would never have 

Thought deeply about 

This if I never took the 

Time to ruminate and 

Ponder over my role in 

This world 

Look and See the beautiful

flowers, the sun 

The moon and the stars 

All playing their role without 

Ever moaning 

Or groaning 

The sun doesn’t 

Ask for a pay rise 

Or complain about the 

Moon stealing it’s shine 

Each one gets on with 

It without fail 

Why is it that when 

It comes to humans 

We are never satisfied 

With our lot in 

Life whilst we spend 

Our short lives fighting

and ruminating about the 


Until we find ourselves 

Ruminating about our 

Past lives whilst

Begging for more 

Time when death comes

Knocking only to transition

to our final destination 

With pain and regret 

For wasting our 

Precious limited


© 2017 Shereena Badu

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate


5 thoughts on “Ruminate- Daily Prompt

    1. Thank you Oneta for your kind words, am glad to welcome you know my page. I will visit you also so we can have interchange and share together. Thank you and welcome 🙏


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