Love like this




Everything I am

Everything I dreamed

Everything I birthed

I owe it to my



They say you never

Really understand

Your parents until

You become one

Yourself, now I

Can say through

Experience yes I

understand love

Unconditional love


Through the journey of

Motherhood is when

Love will be revealed

To you, not the eros

Love many mistaken

for love but pure

Unconditional love


Love without judgement

Selfless love that

Requires no effort

Pure unconditional

Love from deep



Love that knows

No boundaries

Love that consumes

You to the very core

of your being only

The creator can relate


We think we know

Love, until we stumble

And find love that

Words cannot express

And giving it meaning

Only takes away the real

Meaning and feeling


Love that can be felt but

cannot be expressed

Expressing is trying to

Put into words what words

Cannot express

Pure unconditional

Love that words can

Never do it justice


© 2017 Shereena Badu


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