Lemon’s- Did you know? [Reblog]

… That I love my lemons? I drink a glass of water with lemon juice every morning. I also love to put lemon zest in my dishes when I cook. But those are not the juicy facts I wanted to share with you today. Compared to the following list my little information here is borderline […]

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7 thoughts on “Lemon’s- Did you know? [Reblog]

      1. England is beautiful but very foggy and Turkey is a sunny paradise. The sea, the sand, the historical monuments, the Byzantine empire and many civilizations lived years ago filled with rich history. A perfect country. The country, which is a democratic state of law, is a loving person. It’s a wonderful country that gives people happiness. If I come back to the world again I would like to live and live in Turkey. I currently write articles for four newspapers in my country. I love the country, its people and its nature. I offer you happiness, love and respect from turkey. 🐞😍🐞😎🐞😊 🐞

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      2. 😍😍😍 You making me want to come and visit Turkey sounds amazing! Turkey is definitely a paradise compared to the UK I agree with you. One day i will visit turkey if it is God’s will for me to come over there. Thanks for sharing that with me. Lots of love from the UK to you and your family 🙋😍😍❤❤👌

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