I refuse to compete
For you as my help-meet.

I cannot be her lightened complexion,
I do not have her hair or lengthening extensions.

There is no white mixture
And my curves are permanent fixtures.

These features of blackness
Came from a long line of Princesses,

And Pharaoh Queens!
My eyes are as dark as coffee beans.

My broad nose of comeliness and knowledge,
And my voluptuous black-cherry lips do not speak rubbish.

I cannot and will not compete
For you as my help-meet.

I wish you can see yourself in my eyes
And see you are worth more than your compromise.

Your complexities and low self-esteem
Detracts from your kingship and rebukes your queen.

I’m your “blacker the berry sweeter the juice”
Plus I would give you a daily vitamin C boost.

Strengthening you when you’re weary of this life
And we can wail together of this burdensome strife.

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