Mirror, Mirror

Yesterday I saw

A friend that I walked

Passed last week,

Funny enough she walked

Passed me too, today.


Today I went to work

And said nothing to my

Coworkers when they

Tried to speak to me


The next day I went

back to work and nobody

Said a word when I tried

to speak to them


Why is everyone acting

This way? I asked myself

I shouted at the waitress

at the bar and when I got

Home my husband shouted

At me.


Why is everyone acting

this way? I asked myself

It’s like I walk around with

Mirrors of myself


No one seems to know

Better or act better than

Me. I guess I should be the

First to change what I see

In the mirror


Today as I walked

To work, I smiled at

everyone I saw and they

Smiled back to me and

Now everyone is smiling

At me, what changed?

I changed!

I changed

so everyone Changed


© 2017 Shereena Badu


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