Daily Prompt- Lukewarm


You’re neither

Here nor there

You blow hot and

Cold just enough to

Get you by


How you do something

Is how you will

Do everything

You’re lukewarm

Blowing hot and cold

Just enough to get

You noticed but

not enough to

reach your goal


Living a life of

Mediocrity is not

Enough, doing the

Bare minimum will

Only get you just



Playing it safe and

Not risking will soon

stop your growth

Eventually you’ll

Die inside merely

Existing to pay the bills


Make up your mind

Be lukewarm

No more, stand

For what you know

And stand for what

you believe




© 2017 Shereena Badu

via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt- Lukewarm

  1. I love this poem, it speaks to me on so many levels. We are here to enjoy life, not just to exists, go to work and pay bills. I could go on and on lol! Very well written, Shereena.

    Liked by 1 person

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