Choose the child- Reblog👌

Your child tells you she has been abused. Choose your child. Your child tells you that her father is abusing her. Choose your child. You get divorced. Your child doesn’t want you to marry the new man. Your child doesn’t feel comfortable with him. Choose your child. Your spouse passes away and you want to […]

via Choose the child. — NOT MY SECRET…overcoming the shame of sexual abuse


5 thoughts on “Choose the child- Reblog👌

    1. So true, it’s not easy to choose your child when emotions are involved and you love the abuser and don’t want to be alone. Why it’s easier to choose the abuser over your child. I personally have never thought of how i will deal with this issue if I ever found myself in this situation. Very thought provoking post Bethany really did a good job with this article.👌


    1. You did the right thing choosing your child. That’s what any good and sound parent should do. We must all choose our children and keep them safe, they are the future. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

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