Silent battles



Silent battles are real,

who is willing to share

Their pain?

The struggle is

universal could you

be kind?


The faces you see

Are not the faces

behind the mask

Many smiles

Are forced

Through tears

Could you be kind?


The courage to walk

outside is

victory to the one

struggling and the



Could you be kind

Today? The struggle is

universal and united we groan


Could you be kind?

love, peace and pain

Are opposites

on the spectrum

Yet we all share

these feelings


Could you be kind today?

Never underestimate

What your kindness

and attention

Could do for the



What holding back

Your words and listening

Could do for another

could you be kind?


Silent battles who dares

share their pain

The struggle is universal

Could you be kind today?



© 2017 Shereena Badu


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