Courage quote(reblog)

via Courage quote  — purplebutterfly

It is very easy to constantly complain about what we do not want, this could come in a form of  constantly repeating our dislikes to other but never taking the time to actually change them. You hear a lot of people saying they want this and that but never have the courage to actually get rid of the bad habits or mindsets keeping them where they don’t want to be. It is not easy to get rid of what’s keeping us stack but awareness is the fuel that moves us to take action in the direction we want in our life. We are not all born with courage but we can all learn to be courageous when it comes to what we truly want. Take the first step today and get rid of what is no longer serving your future and move in the direction of what is. ❤❤❤😘


25 thoughts on “Courage quote(reblog)

      1. I am feeling well. I was going to do a chapter by chapter review, but after reading, I was so excited. I know it was all over the place. I am very appreciative of your nice gesture. ❤💜

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      2. That’s fine, you’ve done enough already trust that. Honestly I don’t think its all over the place just grateful you even had anything to say. I am trying to improve my writing and grateful for your time. ❤❤


      1. Awwww you’re welcome, it was such a pleasure reading your poems. Very inspirational, I loved them so much need to go back and finish reading them. I want to one day write poems like you so amazing and talented😍😍 thanks for inspiring me. Well done ❤❤

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