9 of 26

What you most dislike about you, might be what someone like most about you

Now this was a significant discovery, growing up I remember having this really thick afro hair, it was that terrible in my opinion, the scissors were always nearby because in my opinion my hair needed regular trims because it was too thick. It was different and hard to manage; I would cut it regularly until it was short enough and lost its thickness, easy to maintain. The battle was real in my mind, and I made it my goal to fight it, the growth cycle continued despite the regular trims, one day I met someone who gave me a new perceptive, they highlighted what at the point was my nightmare as a blessing, they were striving to achieve. This person was telling me what I am battling with, what I was dissatisfied with was exactly their goal they were striving for, prayed for, this was a light bulb moment, my reality was this hair was too thick and cannot be managed, but she loved it and complimented me, asked for tips. When the tables were turned, and I saw something about them that caught my attention, they quickly deflated my compliment, my observation of them and turned my compliment into similar stories about what they disliked. I concluded what you dislike most about you might be exactly what someone likes so be grateful.



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