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Stop hating, seek inspiration

Why bother envy others when you could reach their goal, you would see others who have made more effort to be where they are and what you see, perhaps they have reached a weight loss goal you desire, rather than investing time watching their achievements why not invest the same amount of time in learning what they did to achieve their goal. They did not get where they are wasting time watching others they took action. There is a fine line between watching others and taking actions, they both require you do something, why not choose the effort to take action at least you will be closer to the goal you have in mind. If you have the time to watch and hate on how others look or what they are doing, you will not have the time to implement those actions for yourself as you have directed your attention to someone else, not you.

I remember after having my third child, gained 3 stones in total from my previous pregnancies, no efforts was made to lose weight after each child, so the weight accumulated there was more to lose and most things did not fit. I would see people who were my ideal weight, the weight I was before and would admire and start making myself uncomfortable even begun to feel the dissatisfaction. I wanted my old body back and now I was judging myself harshly without the productivity because I did nothing to achieve what I admired. After a few hours of giving myself a hard time, consoling thoughts would come in my mind to then cheer me up, some of them were they might not have three kids like you why compare? Another will follow and say they took action, of course, they will look different and lastly the thought that would motivate my actions were, even if they had more children, maybe they worked out consistently and ate healthily what is your excuse? This would then be the motivating idea that would encourage action, persistence, inspiration and focus on my own journey; efforts were then made to engage in lifestyles that focused on healthy eating and fitness. This brought me closer to those who achieved the goals I wanted and directed focus on the actions and efforts that would help achieve the lifestyle I wanted.



Copyright © 2017 Shereena Badu


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