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Soak in compliment

Compliments are a great ways to guide you on the right path. I wish someone would have told me if someone makes an effort to give a compliment to soak in their appreciation and be grateful, to believe them for their observation at that moment and allow their compliments to sink into the heart. This is not the time to compliment them back but rather to appreciate their observation and the gift they are offering and accept their compliment.

Compliment others – there is always something you can appreciate about others, if you see someone has made an effort to look their best why not compliment and uplift their efforts. If you do not appreciate their style do not try to compliment them just because they are complimenting you. Wait and compliment when you are genuine.

Stop comparing yourself to others, we are all blessed with different features, skin textures and tones, different hair textures and lengths. There will always be someone who has made more efforts than you and different; you do not have to compare. Comparisons steal your joy when you try to measure up to others different to you. You can use comparisons to motivate you to improve your style and appearance, not a way to judge yourself. Compliment others and appreciate their beauty, embrace you own.

Show appreciation for other people and their beauty ,you may see someone who has made more efforts than you, are you quick to pull a screw face and give them dirty looks for their efforts? Could you look at another person and bring yourself to appreciate their beauty without feeling threatened? Could you bring yourself to a point of total appreciation and uplift them? And not feel some type of way.



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