22 of 26

Get inspiration

Today you do not need to work so hard trying to invent new ways; people have done the hard part, why not get inspiration to achieve the look, body you want through getting inspiration from others. There are many options on YouTube and other blogs that show you easy ways of achieving most ideas. Request tutorials of the look you want to achieve, seek inspiration to recreate and add fun, easy ideas to add to your own unique style to it.

Use filters– that perfect selfie you see on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat you can achieve this look too use filters to lessen the pressure. You do not have to always show your best pictures let others see the not so perfect sometimes.

It is ok to feel ugly sometimes- you will not look or feel the best every day and this is ok, enjoy the good days and embrace the worse, they do not last enjoy the four seasons of your life, autumn, winter, spring and summer keep in mind that each season brings lessons and experiences, it is up to you to be present enough to enjoy those seasons.



Copyright © 2017 Shereena Badu


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