20 of 26

Getting the relationship you need may have nothing to do with your beauty

Are you searching for your life partner? Do you feel rejected and may wonder if there is something wrong with? You may ask am I beautiful enough? I wish someone would have told me your beauty has nothing to do with the relationship you need. There is a difference between the relationships you want and the relationships you need, you may want a tall, dark and handsome man who drives a Porsche, earns six figures and has his own home, men might prefer the beautiful tall model that is a size 6. What if these people you want, with all the material things, are horrible, abusive and disrespectful? What if they made you unhappy to the point of feeling your blood pressure rising, what if they were a threat to your life would you still want them the same? They have all you want but your life is at risk would you still hold on and be on blood pressure meds for the duration of that relationship? I am certain that you would begin to seek stability with someone who would lower your blood pressure, respects you, even without the material things you seek, Walking will now be the option rather than in a Porsche to the doctors for your blood pressure meds with the one you want.

Wait for the one who sees your beauty inside and out rather than pursuing and getting rejected by those who do not value your beauty why not invest time in taking care of yourself and pursue your interest until you meet the one who is for you. You are better of waiting for the right person long-term than pursue temporary relationships that do not last.



Copyright © 2017 Shereena Badu


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