19 of 26

Everyone is on their own journey be kind

Sometimes there is more to others you than what you see, what you see may not be an accurate representation of how they feel or what maybe going on in their lives. The world is filled with many who have different purpose and ideas from yours, our journey and destinations not are equal, the chapters in our lives are not the same, someone’s chapter 30 may be your chapter 1. The number of pages in your chapter does not qualify you more valuable than the other only different experiences, most of the lessons are the same, some learn quicker, others take their time to learn but the lessons are the same. Why then do you look at another person’s journey and judge them or even laugh at them? In respecting your own journey, why not make an effort to be kind to those you meet even if you do not understand their path, be kind the smile you see now on others maybe tears that have dried.


Copyright © 2017 Shereena Badu


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