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Know your worth and set your price

So you are beautiful, you get all the attention and many likes on your Instagram. It is easy to assume your beauty is your value, and that you will automatically be a higher value to others, this may not be the case. The question here is, do you know your worth? What is the price you are willing to put on yourself? Are you available to everyone who shows you attention? Or are you selective and intentional about your choices? Yes you are beautiful, even your camera agrees, everyone you meet shows their interest, the question is, do you want them back? Are you that precious item kept at the store counter protected with glass? Or are you on the sale rack? Where everyone can try and return, because even with beauty without a set price you will be treated as a sale item. Are your standards set mentally? Do you know your price? Are you making everyone who wants you match your price or are you lowering your price to match theirs?




Copyright © 2017 Shereena Badu


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