Introduction of my E-book



2016 was a year of self-awareness and self- discovering. This was also the year I learned to be more confident and embrace me, trying to be beautiful was the goal and at 18 I thought I was cute and loved everything about me. Fast forward 12 years later, 3 kids and 3 sizes bigger now am not sure what I think anymore. I mean back then beauty was everything to me and somehow I think after putting on weight and no longer looking at myself like I used to. I started to question my definition of beauty and redefined it for myself so that I can love the new body I am in. This inspired me to write an E-book 26 things I wish someone would’ve told me about striving for beauty. Everyone’s journey is unique to them and this is my journey. Thank you in advance and hope you enjoy reading the 26 things I wish someone told me about striving for beauty.



26 things I wish someone would have told me about striving for beauty! Now you may have never thought of this before or may have this constantly on your mind about striving for beauty; everybody wants to be beautiful, and they are right why not?  Men and women all over the world seek beautiful women to mate with, to be friends with and have beautiful babies with. Being beautiful is the standard; it is the goal for all men and women, no matter the cultured beauty is worshipped and if you are not blessed with what society deem as beautiful, somehow you will know because society does not pity the so called ugly. Bullies will ensure that their message about your features or ugliness reach you each time you attend school or anywhere they can find you.

It can be a cruel world for the so-called ugly and those society views as not up to the standard. So let us examine the term ugly, the question here is, is there such a thing called ugly or is that another trap society has placed on us to buy what is unnecessary to fix what is not there? Growing up I remember the people everyone thought were ugly fixed up over the summer holidays or changed completely when they started working. You would see someone who you paid no attention to become someone completely unrecognisable; they even appear more confident and more attractive. So the question here is, did they suddenly become beautiful or handsome? What changed? If they were hideous how could they change overnight? So is ugliness temporary? Can money make one more beautiful or attractive? If your answers are yes then does that mean they were never ugly, to begin with and that they can transform their appearance if there is a change in their circumstance, does that mean ugliness is subject to change and effort not permanent because if money can make the one who everyone thought were ugly to beautiful or handsome, then does that means no one is actually ugly in a relative sense. Does this then imply ugliness is only an illusion, in the mind, a perceptive, that everyone and anyone can be beautiful or handsome if they choose and make the effort? Also if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then does this suggest that there is less pressure because your perfect match will behold your beauty and find you attractive no matter what you do? Or maybe beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder and that there are people who are universally accepted as beautiful and others not, this will have to be a topic for another time, in no particular order let us dive into the 26 things I wish someone would have told me about striving for beauty.





Copyright © 2017 Shereena Badu


6 thoughts on “Introduction of my E-book

  1. I’m so happy for you. Thank you for sharing some of your story with us. I would say more, but I’m about to read your other posts. Congratulations! You are beautiful! ☺❤


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