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Not everyone is going to find you beautiful

I wish someone would have told me that not everybody is going to think you’re beautiful or appreciate your beauty, and this is ok!  We all have different preferences and ideas, no one’s preferences or ideas are better than the other; likewise your beauty and who you attract are neither good nor bad. Your beauty is yours alone, and that is a relief, you have the freedom to relax and not take anyone’s rejection personally as it is not about you but rather about the person. Their rejection of you and what you have to offer is not personal, do not accept it or take to heart, you have to ensure that their preferences or rejection does not cause you to reject yourself but to allow it to give you strength and happiness, you still have the freedom to wait and attract the one who will see your potential and prefer you to anyone else.

It is very easy to take this rejection personally and lose hope; with a little perceptive this should not be the case. An example of this is shoe shopping, many women will agree on the variety of shoes that are now available, if you went out shoe shopping for a typical night out you would not choose all the shoes in the shop, for one it would be way out of your budget and unnecessary, only one pair would catch your attention and be more suitable for the occasion. Likewise who you are and how you look will only attract those who see you as their potential and be rejected by those who do not see your potential for them, this is not personal as it has nothing to do with you what you have to offer it does not change reality or imply you are no longer attractive or beautiful but rather not their preference at that point in their life, their inability to see your beauty will not increase or decrease it in any way, you are who you are no matter what and this does not change regardless of what people see or say.



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3 thoughts on “2 of 26

  1. I hope people read this and take it to heart. Just because someone doesn’t think you’re beautiful, that doesn’t change the fact that you are! 😀

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