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Being beautiful will get you places but will not keep you there.

Being beautiful will get you places, but ultimately your character is what will sustain you long-term. What does that mean? Being beautiful is what will draw people and things to you, but those things will never last if you do not have the character and the attitudes to sustain what you have acquired; there is more to the outer exterior. The attention and adoration you attract initially begin at the surface level but eventually substance, integrity, and other qualities will be needed to compliment the outer beauty.

I wish someone would have told me character is much more sustainable long-term than outer beauty and that cultivating the inner person is worth more than physical beauty long-term, life will have its up and downs and without cultivating the right emotional and mental strength you may not be able to handle what life may throw at you. Physical beauty will not help you deal with emotional challenges, but mental and emotional strength is what will help get you through the storms. There is an emotional, spiritual and mental strength to cultivate and add-on to your beauty. Now let us expand more on the three emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to cultivate along with striving after beauty.

Mental strength –this is the ability to think through issues and difficulties reasonably. Now some may argue and claim their mental strength is unquestionable and they have it all figured out, they do not need to work on their mental strength, I wish someone would have told me the ability to use your mind in difficult situations, to solve problems and to think logically is worth more. The mental strength you cultivate will ensure that you understand life, argue intellectually and overcome mind traps.

Emotional strength –emotional strength is the ability to show empathy, compassion, and love to others. It may seem we are born with this natural inclination, but some are not born with this or they have not taken the time to pay attention to nurturing this strength to the best of their abilities. Your emotional strength is what will help you deal with unfairness and tragedy. Your emotional strength affects your reactions and responses.

 Spiritual strength –now this can be misunderstood and mistaken for religion or God, there is a link but what I am talking about here is the ability to know right from wrong, the ability to make sensible decisions in every part of life with a clear and concise idea of the moral issues involved and allowing principles to guide your actions and responses.

The three are linked, and there cannot be one without the other, all combined makes a person more beautiful these are what I wish someone would have told me to cultivate.


Copyright © 2017 Shereena Badu


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