Take back your power 💪


It was just the other day I saw someone who hurt me really badly in the past, I mean back then to be honest I felt the pain and I allowed the hurt this person caused me to be the topic of my every discussion. However seeing them again brought back the memories and hurt. After I walked away somehow my mind reverted back to what it knew best. Rehearsing the pain caused by this person, for a moment I did not feel the pain anymore but it seemed like it was a habit of the mind to automatically dwell on the past pain. I mean they were the opposite of what I desired today and they had no effect on me anymore. But my mind was still holding on to the hurt and the mind chatter begun to disrupt my day.

With awareness I was able to see the intensity of my pain back then and now, I felt the pain years ago and today I no longer felt the same. I asked myself, why am I giving this person so much power over me? I would sit around thinking about them and what they did to me even though deep down the pain was gone. I mean they did hurt me once and I on my own just continued the pain by choosing to rehearse it over and over again in my mind. This was a light bulb moment for me. I was no longer in the same pain but yet clinging on to this person and allowing myself to feel a pain that was inflicted years ago. This got me thinking, how many people are walking around in pain for something that happened to them decades or more ago? The pain inflicted on them happened maybe once or gradually either way they may not be physically experiencing the same exact pain today but with their minds they are rehearsing that pain from either their childhood or some other time and living in pain.

Please do not get me wrong, I totally understand that you’ve been hurt and acknowledge what you’ve been through. It may not be easy living with that pain today but I also feel we give those who have hurt us too much credit they don’t deserve. They do not have the power to keep hurting us without our permission today. They may have hurt us then but today they can’t hurt us because we have full awareness. Yes the pain they inflicted in the past was wrong but this was because we may have been vulnerable then, but today we are not. If we are not going through the same pain today as we did in the past,  in a way they no longer have power over us other than the power we are giving them today. Yes they were hurtful back then but guess what? they can not do it to us again because now we are either too old to be abused or too wise to put ourself in that position again. Take back your power today and heal your heart , those who hurt us in the past were probably hurting why they inflicted pain onto others. “Hurt people, hurt people”, take a deep breath and check your heart maybe you are not in pain as your mind is making you feel. The mind naturally will bring up memories but you have the power to analyse those thoughts and filter and update your feelings and ideas about past issues that are no longer serving you today. You maybe over the pain but your mind isn’t completely, maybe with awareness you can gradually persuade your mind to align with your heart. Do not let those who hurt you once or even more to continue to hurt you passed their expiring date take back your power! 💪❤❤❤❤



© 2017 Shereena Badu


11 thoughts on “Take back your power 💪

  1. Very well written! I love the message, take back your power, don’t let anyone else have power over you. This is an amazing post and I enjoyed reading it. Have a nice day! ☺


  2. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support. I look forward to reading many more writings from you in the future.



  3. Funny that I have to read this today – and interpret it in the light of my situation. My husband and I are in the midst of being forced to consider accepting a work contract that might take us back to those who have hurt us before, and who will hurt us even worse now because the employing party has no respect whatsoever for marriage and family life. Your simple commonsense is direct and to the point: if it serves no purpose, don’t go back to those who have hurt you; don’t give them the power to hurt.

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    1. Thank you Caitlynnegrace for stopping by and reading my post.. remember that most time we give people too much credit than they deserve, you hold all the power. Have a good weekend 😊

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