Finally reached 50 followers!! Thank you



I made it to 50 followers Wooohoooo!! It was just last year I wished a fellow blogger congrats on getting 1,001 followers on her blog. It is amazing that our numbers are significantly different, but the joy and appreciation is the same. I was absolutely petrified to start a blog. I doubted and talked myself out of it many times until I finally decided to face my fears  and get out of my comfort zone with the help of a really good friend. When I signed up, I went completely blank and couldn’t do anything for a few weeks, about 10 weeks ago I tried again and got my first follower and today I have 50 wow! I totally believe this is a huge milestone, it may not seem much compared to those who are in their thousands but a “journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Today I have made it to a huge milestone I didn’t even expect, today I celebrate this success, because it is those small successes that add up to make the huge ones count. It may not seem much but imagine you were sick in a hospital and 50 people turned up to visit you, that’s a full house. So I am so grateful, thank you to everyone who followed me as we transition to the new year and maintain our sanity together.


Thank you everyone for following me ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍🙏





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