Goodbye 2016😒


I can’t believe the year is finally over, 2016 was my chapter 30. I turned 30 and for the first time in my life I could see everything for what it was. I can truly say it was the best year ever because I was finally awake to my life and the world around me. I felt the liberation of living like I had nothing to lose, to trying everything I was afraid to try. I learned to put myself out there even if the voices in my head were saying no. I said many No’s and found the freedom of expression, I no longer desired to please others and started to do what was right. I felt the fear and pushed through anyway. Am so sad my chapter 30 is finally ending because deep down in my heart I want to stay young forever. I know this is unrealistic but I was hoping I stay 30 forever, I am afraid of the unknown and yet so excited.

Am afraid to get old, but I guess I shouldn’t be. My three beautiful children are growing so fast and this scares me. My first-born turned 11, the second turned 7 and my third turned 2 all in 2016. The older they get, the older I get, each year that passes by we will never get back and this frightens me. I’ve rushed through my dreams because I didn’t want another year to come and miss out. I guess with rushing I got to achieve everything but still am in doubt. I don’t want to grow older and look back with regrets. 2016 liberated me and helped me find my true purpose. I learned to fall in love with myself and stop chasing love outside myself and my creator. We are all stepping into 2017 which is unknown and also a blank slate we can paint our dreams and desires. As time waits for no man, 2017 is here despite all my prayers and fears. I totally understand am not in control but somehow I tried.

In 2017 I will stop and just breath, enjoy my family and get to know myself more. Life is sometimes more than achieving goals but the happy moments and the journey itself. The journey is what builds the foundation to the goals and the endurance to the next level. What are some of your lessons and goals for 2017 please share them. Best wishes to everyone.❀❀❀






Β© 2016 Shereena Badu



3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016😒

  1. Beautiful post and don’t be afraid to get older. I’m sure you’re a great mother to your three beautiful kids. 2017 will be even better, I’m wishing you the best! 😘


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