Still waiting to start your new years resolutions?



As all the festive celebrations are nearly over, you maybe now waiting for the new year to finally arrived so you can embark on your journey. This could be weight loss, healthy eating, writing a book or even starting your own business. The question is what are you waiting for? You can actually start now if you change perspectives and take action right now! I totally understand it may seem realistic to start in the new year and track your progress from there but the problem is you are waiting. What if you were to find out time is only an illusion and that you could start anytime you wanted and didn’t matter? What would you do then? Would you get up and move on and do what you’ve been waiting to accomplish? Could you start today and make up your mind and start the new year any time in the year? Why not make it your resolution to never wait for another new year again to start your journey? Or even stop watching the calendar completely and chase your dreams and goals anyway. You have the power to start at anytime you choose.



© 2016 Shereena Badu




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