Happy holidays everyone!!!



This time of the year, everyone is looking for their families they haven’t spoken to all year. This season brings people together and there is nothing wrong with that, this idea is actually a yearly goal. It just makes me wonder about the other 363 days in the year. Why do we forget once this season is over? Why do we need a special day on the calendarย to remember our friends and family? It’s like without this season everyone loses their imagination and don’t bother check on each other. OK let’s not generalise as some families stay in touch am just talking about what I have seen around me.ย The year is ending and this calls for a review of the year. If this festive period did not exist, would we still make time for our friends and families the same way? ย Do you have a family tradition where you make time to spend with your love ones outside of the yearly holiday season? Could you make it a family tradition and stay in touch and share gifts outside the festive period? Let me know what you think and hope you enjoy your holidays.



ยฉ 2016 Shereena Badu



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