Free Amazon book promotion!!!👌

My first novel, Unexpected Betrayal Part one and Part-two are on free promotion on Amazon from the 25th December to the 29th. Please check out my books and don’t forget to review it if you like it. Your feedback means the world to me thanks very much in advance.

You can find the books on my Amazon author page:



Chloe doesn’t trust anyone, her negative ideas about her own family and friends blinded her to the only person she should have protected herself and that is Fabio, a stranger who looked good on paper but had no credible proof to back his worth. Chloe tried to protect herself from the wrong people and allowed herself to walk right into the trap of the one she should never have trusted. Is the devil you know better than the angel you know nothing about? Concludes in Part-two.


Conclusion to Unexpected Betrayal Part-one. Chloe is forced to start over with tough life lessons. Will she finally pay attention and change her ways? find out in the conclusion of Unexpected Betrayal as the drama continues.

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Happy holidays.❤❤❤❤


© 2016 Shereena Badu





12 thoughts on “Free Amazon book promotion!!!👌

  1. Chloe seems very closed in and she has the right to be. Fabio is up to no good! Run Chloe lol! I am happy for you and good luck with everything! Happy Holidays! ❤❤ I’m going back to cook now. 😊

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