Talking indirectly to people #rant

What I don’t understand is if you feel someone has done you wrong, instead of putting an indirect status on your social media hoping that the person you hurt would get the hint and apologise, why not just tell the person how you feel? I don’t see the point why an adult would think that by putting an indirect message out there, especially on social media where there are millions of people, that the person reading their status would somehow know it’s them they are talking about and approach them. Their message could be directed at anyone. Personally as much as I love myself I do not think so much of myself to the point that I will take someone else’ status personally and know they were talking to me.
“It’s hard enough trying to understand myself and it’s even harder trying to understand others if they do not express how they feel”  Shereena Badu
I don’t understand why someone will get angry at you, even punish you because they were really expecting you to know that their status was indeed about you and wait for you to apologise. I mean why would someone assume other people are mind readers? I try to not to judge others and label them immature, but I truly would love to understand why a person feel that by them changing their status every minute hoping that you understand they are mad at you. What a waste of time when they could have resolved the issue with a phone call to the person they feel hurt them. Have you had this experience before where someone posted an indirect message on their social media hoping that you understood their message and then get angry with you for not understanding them?
© 2016 Shereena Badu

2 thoughts on “Talking indirectly to people #rant

  1. Its so passive aggressive!!!! I cant stand it. I cant read the mind of a poster and even if it isn’t about me i wonder why on earth put a random, not understandable post on social media. Just confront the person already. Its crazy!


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