Daily quotes ::Take 11 of 50 — nancyongom

“The best revenge is massive success” By Frank Sinatra When people think about ‘revenge’ what comes first in their minds is physical attacks or other modes of carrying out revenge. But the best way to revenge is success… Just continue to succeed at whatever you are doing and those who doesn’t like seeing you succeed […]

via Daily quotes ::Take 11 of 50 — nancyongom

It’s amazing that some feel getting revenge will make them happy until they realise that most of the time, striving to be our best, better than those who hurt us is revenge in itself. Most people that hurt others are hurting themselves, they strive to find supporters and anyone who they can hurt. When we rise above their petty ways we become untouchable, we then become very successful in the areas they have failed.

Inflicting others with pain is a form of weakness, by striving not to lower ourselves to their level to avenge them we become successful in the same areas they struggle. Their lows become our highs because we do not give in to our weaknesses like they do. Love this quote










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