What I learned about writing and self-publishing

Back in the day when we used to hear someone has written a book,  to us that was a big accomplishment that was beyond compare. I mean don’t get me wrong writing a book is the biggest accomplishment! Contradiction right? Yes and no, because not everyone is creative and can sit down or want to sit down and structure their thoughts and ideas into a book. However I learned something when I discovered self publishing that blew my mind. I learned that actually even though before it was  impossible or beyond certain people’s level to get their story out there, today the possibilities are endless. The Internet does not discriminate or pick and choose. why am I saying that ?
“If I waited for perfection. I would never write a word”. – Margaret Atwood
Before you needed traditional publishers to approve your work before you had any real chance of get your story or work out there. Today the opportunity is there to cut the Middle man out and show the world what you’re made of. You promote yourself and tell the world “this is my story”. Now I am not saying it’s going to be easy because once you cut out the middle man you also become everything to your creation. You have to work ten times harder to ensure that what you will be presenting to the world is worth buying. There is no such thing as free lunch so you have to organise, delegate and put in the work to ensure your work is quality. You have to go through the process but in the end it will all be worth it. This is when you see the true reality of the saying with “freedom comes great responsibility”. This certainly applies when you decide to go solo in the business of writing and self publishing.
“No one can tell your story so tell it yourself. No one can write your story so write it yourself” unknown
This is why I make the statement that writing and self publishing is not for everyone but those that are in this for the long-term will see their efforts and perseverance reap dividends. They will see that at the initial set up they will have to invest hours and days getting it right and getting their books on the market but then as times passes, those days and hours get shorter and shorter and they need less and less time as they are more established. This is not to say because you are established your work will be any easier but it will be manageable compared to when you were starting out. You have to also invest time reading, this helps you find your voice. You have to research and learn about what it takes write and self publish learn it and then achieve what you’ve set out to accomplish.
“If you want to be a writer you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot” Stephen King
See my post on study it ,achieve it, everything in life can be learned, this is the advantage we humans have over animals. Our abilities to be whatever we choose to be, see a dog can only be a dog the best way a dog can be. Humans however can be whatever they want to be right here and right now. The only requirement is to take action towards the direction of your dreams. Over to you.
All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu

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