Why you should write and self-publish your book today!

Everyone has a book or two in them, but is everyone willing to do the work to get that book published and get it out there to the world. The truth of the matter is even though we all have books in us not everyone is willing to sit down and get to work. Some may say why write a book? “Are you crazy I don’t have a college degree or even the creativity to birth what’s in me”. Other may wonder where to start or why would anyone care to read my book ? The truth is not everyone will care to read or even check out the book cover. Another truth is what you have to share may actually help someone to gain consciousness or even awareness. You never know the impart your book or story may have on others, the only to ensure is to birth it and give it to the world and hope you’ve done your best.
What am I saying here? It is 2016 nearly 2017 and technology is impartial, it does not discriminate against the educated or those who are not. Internet is accessible to anyone who is eager to do the work. Fast forward in this microwave generation you can outsource and get help with whatever you want to share with the world. “I heard that the richest place in the world is the graveyard where most people die with their dreams still left in them”. The reality is most of us are alive and well. We can experiment and see who we can help. You never know who your poetry or life experiences will help today.
Writing and self-publishing is not for everyone, I repeat this is not for everyone but for those who are interested or waiting for the right time to get their books and stories out there,  today is the time to share your truths with others who are waiting to be inspired or encouraged. We all need inspiration and encouragement at which level we believe we are and it takes that right person to be bold enough to not hide their gems but to open up and share. It takes strengths to also be fearless and bold and share your book even if no one reads it, It’s your book and that’s enough for your soul to know you tried and got your story out there. So to wrap it up this is the top five reasons to get your book out there today.
1. Your story and your dreams matter
2. The opportunity is there like never before. You don’t need anyone to approve you, you approve yourself . It is the age of self promotion. E.g Amazon, Smashwords etc.
3. Help and support is everywhere,  you not alone
4. You’ve been talking about it since you were a kid
5. You want to take the opportunity but can’t get started.
It’s all about simplifying life and finding the strength to do what you’ve been talking about for so long.
All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu

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