Happy Monday


The weeks and days are flying pass so fast, 24 hours is no longer enough. When I was younger I used to wish my days away praying the year ends so I grow older. Now I pray the year doesn’t end because each year that passes it minds me that am getting older and I can’t afford to wait around. My hopes and dreams will not fulfill itself without my efforts.

We pray each week for Friday and we even thank God it’s Friday so the week can end once again. Somehow if time machines were real I would just stop time and never grow old. I thank God it’s Monday because yet another week we all made it alive and well, not all of us but at least we are all still here. Cherish each day and don’t forget to be grateful for each day they never coming back. What are you grateful for today?



All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu



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