Why audition for love, your time is coming.

wordswag_1480170765279This may sound like a cliché but God’s  timing is the best. You may have heard it before, you may not believe in God but guess what? Your belief does not change anything or make it true. Your inability to recognise a supreme being does not change or affect the laws and principles that govern life. Yes we may think we run things and we are in control but the truth of the matter is everything will happen at the right time and that’s a fact or maybe i should say it’s what it is. People have primed themselves to believe that they control everything and that they must do this or that, but the truth is everything will happen at the right time. This is the same for love. Finding that ideal partner and getting married is the goal for many and there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding that partner, that life partner who you will share your dreams with. The issue is, when it turns into an obsession and you no longer find joy in life. Yes getting married is amazing , it’s the dream but what many fail to understand is that it’s not their timing. It will only happen when the timing is right. You may date around get your heart-broken, even steal another woman’s partner, only to reap the same consequences later down the line when he chooses another woman over you.
This is not to say wait around for prince charming to walk in your house and rescue you. The point is in order to reach our goals or meet that ideal mate we must strive to eliminate fear and desperation that we must audition or accept any proposal just to find love. The point is trust that what you seek will come to you once you have done the work and the timing is right. Some might say there is no such thing as perfect timing but I also believe that nothing will happen before its time. We can kick and make a fuss or go on as any dates, go to as many parties as possible but what is for us will surely find us when the appropriate time for you arrives. It may not come when you want it but it will surely not be late.
Now for some this may not be a reality because at some point in their journey they failed to have faith and confidence that what they seek will come to pass and lose hope along the way. However for those who are hopeful and keep an expectation  of their dreams are met with their desires when the time is right. What do you think? Life is what we make it, but at the same time what will be will always be. Let me know what you think?
All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu

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