“The grass is greener on the other side syndrome”

wordswag_1480172953863It’s funny how most people really believe the grass is greener on the other side. This may sound like a cliche and yes this topic has been rinsed out but I truly see a pattern. Most people are always striving after everything that is opposite to them, it’s hard to meet people who are truly happy with their lives or those who are not constantly thinking of a better life somewhere in a far away land. I mean your life is right here, right now but somehow people believe that when they go on holiday to that exotic island that is when their lives will improve and they will be better then. What I have realized that no matter where you go , you take yourself along. I mean yes the temporary 3 days or a month away does make a difference but that is not what bring lasting happiness. Yes happiness is a choice but also the ability to realize that happiness is everywhere, that is when one can begin to tap into the reality of what happiness really consist. I am not here saying that going on holiday is not good , no it is a necessity of life if you can afford it. However my point here is the need to feel that happiness is somewhere other than where you are right now.
Relationships , some might feel that their partner is boring and another person may bring them more happiness other than their mate. They allow themselves to lose focus on actually choosing happiness and seek to cheat instead, cheating obviously creates the illusion that yes somewhere other than their present situation is better only to discover that happiness is actually right where they are and only by making up their mind to seize the moment and make an effort to be happy can they actually find happy.
The solution is not in a new partner, in a new car, in going abroad or to an exotic island. The solution is in the mind and changing their thinking to overcome the illusion that something must happen or attaining something is what bring or what will create the happiness one seeks. Happiness is not on  the other side of your life or with another person. Happiness is solely dependent on your outlook, your ability to channel your thoughts to what you desire and not allowing external circumstances to change how you feel about you and your life. Life changes the minute you pay attention to what you can do and how if it’s in your control what you can contribute. Sometimes we wait our whole life thinking an event will make us happy only to reach that day and meet the event for it to go completely opposite to the way we planned it and lose our joy.
Today is the only opportunity to be happy why not make up your mind to never allow anything to ruin your day today? Nothing is guaranteed but today is in your hands to experiment and change. The power lies in realizing that today is today and nothing should change that. Stop waiting to be happy, happiness is right here right now. What are your thoughts on this topic waiting to be happy or one should be happy now?
All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu

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