Hard times build character

wordswag_1480344180354.pngSometimes we don’t understand or pay attention to the hardships we face in life and the lessons it teaches us along the way, because only then can these tough times help us to build the character to withstand any adversity. Life is not all roses and the hard times will come, the question here is how do we view those hard times? And are we willing to be present and soak in the lessons from those hardships? Without being present, what we go through is just another problem we pray to God to help us to forget. This means that we are not letting that situation build us to the next level.
Character is what we are building when we pay attention during the hard times. You may say, what has character got to do with hard times? Well the truth is each time something happens in our life that challenges our thinking , we are in fact building our character if we pay attention. It is natural to be negative and resort to negative behaviors in the face of challenges. However it takes strength to rise up and take a different stance. To stand up tall even if we are disappointed or sad, or even if others are horrible and treat us a certain way.
It is only through strength can we turn away and not act like those who hurts us, with awareness the current challenges are only an opportunity to grow If we acknowledge and see the lessons in every challenge we face. Let the hard times build your character as you strive to rise above negative situations and reach your full potential. Over to you, what hardships do you feel helped shape your character and what did you learn through your awareness and observation?
All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu

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