“The honest woman”

So for a long time I keep hearing, people say this statements ” let him make an honest woman of you”. Now I’ve been hearing this for years but never really gave it much thought. At 30 years this statements finally made sense to me and decided to dig in deeper To understand what this statement really mean.

I was watching a TV program and the part with a couple who were living together came up, the man was ill and the woman was bending over backwards to care for this man who was not her husband. They have been doing this routine over and over for many years. A neighbor pops, heard the man was not well and was being cared for by her  partner. She then shouts out loud for the man to hear and says “make an honest woman of her”. For once my mind said wait, why is she a dishonest woman then? Then I started thinking, for the first time in my whole 30 years it made sense to me. Somehow this woman was playing the part of a wife when she was not, she’s not an honest woman because she was more or less playing a role without the title. Is that what the term “honest woman” imply?

Now not saying title is everything but it made sense to me now at this age, that when she  becomes his wife then the role she was playing would fit her but in the mean time she was only giving everyone around her an idea that was not true. Finally I understood the meaning of the statement “Make an honest woman of her” this means that when the man finally decides to show the world his commitment to the woman only then does she portray honesty in the eyes of everyone. The man is fully committed to her therefore her role of running after the man is now fully justified and respected in the eyes of everyone. Until then the role of the woman could be said to be a circuit act or facade as the relationship could end at anytime. Not that her role and the hard work she put in the relationship is in vain but then it was only an act to those around her, until they are in a committed relationship

Now not saying marriages last forever but at least you know that your commitment to each other ended, you both tried and it didn’t work. Today this is my understanding of that statement, everyone’s perceptive will defer but somehow finally it all makes sense to me now.  Over to you let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on ““The honest woman”

  1. I actually hate that saying a lot. Why is he not a dishonest man? Why isn’t it make an honest man out of yourself and marry a woman? I’ve even seen this saying directed towards single women not in relationships. I just don’t like how it’s like if we aren’t married then there is something wrong and that the only thing that makes us an “honest” woman is getting married.


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