Study it, recreate it!

wordswag_1480173455124.pngThis may seem like  common sense but sometimes common sense is not common. People can deceive themselves into thinking they will achieve their goals somehow if they keep hanging on in life. But the truth is without effort and without action  what you naturally want to achieve will not fall on your lap. If you want to succeed , then study successful people. If you want to fail then you know what am going to say study failures. Now this is not straightforward as you may ask how do I know am studying successful people or failures?  The answer is are you getting information from people you admire or people who are not on the same path as you.

We forget that sometimes we take advice from people who are on a completely different paths to us, that is why we end up where we don’t want. Someone people live their lives pretending to know how to do certain things when they could just educate themselves and actually do the things they are pretending to do.  I mean who has the time to put on a show when what they are pretending to be can be achieved with a simple step.

If you want to drive, it is only sensible to get a driving instructor who will guide you and support you to safely pass your test. This idea applies to all areas in life, yes we may feel we know everything already but striving to be a student of life will ensure that time and energy is invested in the skills you want to master. The message here is do not be afraid to invest in yourself. The time you spend doubting and deceiving yourself that you can make it without some effort or investment, could be channeled into getting the skills you need. Higher Education is not the only route to getting the knowledge you need to succeed, learning from others who are kind enough to share their experience on how they made it to their final destination you seek could help you to begin to change areas that need improvement. Everything can be learned. Below are of the areas you could invest some time to learn and recreate for yourself:

  • Study success, if you want to successful it is only wise to pay attention to those who are successful in what you wish to achieve
  • Study love, yes it may seem common sense but love is a learned behavior, learning and teaching yourself how to love, will save you plenty of wasted time. Learning love ensures that you recognize early in your relationship what is not love and not settle.
  • Study happiness,happiness is an inside not out there. learning the true source of happiness is the beginning of true freedom. Once you understand that true happiness can not be found anywhere but in you, you are free to stop chasing the superficial things and take step back to you.
  • Study loneliness, yes learn why you feel lonely, you may feel it’s because you are single but maybe it’s because you are ignoring the person you are, without awareness you may indulge in many activities that brings you pain that may not be related to your feelings.
  • Study self-love, learn what it really means to love yourself and begin to work towards personal freedom and mental clarity
  • Study spirituality, if you want to be spiritual begin to take in acknowledge of what it means to be spiritual and begin to embody it in your life.
  • Study people, this is a big one, we all need friends, we are not an island and need those who are meant to be in our life. Study people
  • Study yourself, know who you are and what makes you.
  • Study children, get to know your children and learn about children. Studying children gives you a glimpse of what life should be really like and how adults complicate life. Learning about children could be the beginning of empowerment, freedom  that we have left behind whilst trying to earn a living.

Over to you.


All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu


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