The many faces of friendships


I began to look and pay attention to the many faces of friendships and how they influenced my life. I became relaxed and learned from those who came into my life whether it was for a short period and whether they chose to stay or leave. In the end I came to the full conclusion that in life you are only really getting to know people, and until you know them well, you are both going through a phase of getting to know each other. You getting to know them, they are friends who you spend time with and share your life with until they stab you in the back or they remain loyal. Then you love on the next phase of real friendships.

Through observation this is the list I compiled for myself to show me the many faces of friendships you will meet along your journey. Some of these friends may come to stay in your life but remember that, the brief encounter in your life is only to teach you a lesson and when those lessons are learnt they move on to the next person or move on to their next journey until the next. This in itself is not wrong its just shows that their work in your life is done and they have to move on. You may hear a lot of people breaking up and no longer friends with each other. They may say “Oh this person is fake”, “I don’t want nothing to do with them”, ” social media is fake and so on.

These statements are not wrong, with awareness everyone is your teacher whether you choose to see them that way or not. Opening your eyes to those who come in your life will enable to enjoy each person that comes in your life. These one’s you call fakes may also be looking for real friendships they did not find with you and therefore had to move along. Yes, no doubt there are fake people but I also believe there is resonance and looking for those you resonate with will save the long waste of time with those who do not belong in your life.

This is my opinion and what I have come to realize, feel free to share your experience about friends and your awareness. Over to you



All rights reserved © 2016 Shereena Badu


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