Enjoy your Tuesday ❤

Good day everyone!

I am so tempted to write good morning but no body died, I am not mourning in fact i am rejoicing. I have to write and say what I feel otherwise I feel uncomfortable. Why should I say what no longer feels right to me just because it’s what I have always known or said. I challenge you today to resolve in your heart to be yourself all day today no matter where you are. Try it and see how you feel, you will feel your body relax as you ease yourself of the pressure to be anything else but yourself. True freedom is definitely when you resolve in your heart to be yourself. Make it happen today! Best wishes everyone❤❤😘😘😁


The art of exercising patience


Now we have all heard the quote “patience is a virtue”, “best things comes to those who wait”. Be patient, some also say “best things also comes to those who make it happen. Today I boldly believe patience is everything, growing up I never really understood the true meaning of patience as I believe we all exercise patience in our own way. There are different ways we can show our patience. Now you may ask why are we discussing patience first thing in October, why should I be patient? I say this because learning to be patient as an adult now has been a real blessing to me. Just the act of waiting even 2 minutes more before doing anything, whether it’s reacting or responding to something can make or break you. I will discuss two areas where I have learned to be patient and how this has improved and solved most of my problems.
A patient attitude
Attitude is everything, our ability to enjoy or live happily depends on our attitude. Everything is centered on how we behave and our attitude towards what life throws at us. Whether it’s being patient towards the waitress in a bar, walking slowly behind an elderly person. Waiting patiently in traffic or being patient with the children or a spouse, patience allows us to be courteous and respectful towards those who are different from us.
Patience allows us to show love for others and their short comings, no body is perfect, no matter how much we want to pretend, play a role of perfection the cracks still shows. We cannot pretend forever! Patience with self is patience with others, learning to be kind to ourselves enables us to understand ourselves enough to be kind to others. As we only reflect our own feelings and imperfection on to others. It’s impossible to judge others without our own experiences. We judge and ascribe to others what we ourselves will or will not do, therefore all our judgements are a mere examples of what we have seen or what we will do. We can not possibly ascribe or assume someone will do something if we ourselves will not do that particular thing. Therefore patience with self is also patience with others.
A patient attitude have allowed me to not take anything personally, be more relaxed and trusting. Trusting in time allows you to not stress about things that are out of your control. This is by more means suggesting inactivity, you can be patient and still active. Patience just allows you to let go of what you cannot control.
Patience in dating
Now I may not be qualified enough to touch on this subject but i can say i have a fair bit of experience in this department. I have exercised patience in this area of my life. Now i put a quote up a few months ago that ” love is not blind, desperation is blind” this quote came to me one day when i was thinking about my life. I met someone and was thinking maybe i should go ahead and date them. But my intuition and feelings were telling me something else. I could feel this strong negative energy around this person but my desire to pair up was pushing me to entertain this person and pick up their calls.


Then this quote popped up, “love is not blind, desperation is blind” because even though all the signs was pointing me in the right direction which was show him the door my desire was still debating the idea of that person. I decided to allow time to tell, by exercising patience a few months down the line the truth was revealed. “All that glitters is not gold”, the person is a sham and without patience i would’ve involved myself in something that i couldn’t back out of months down the line if i got too deep. Take your time, listen to your inner wisdom that never fails you.
Sometimes all the answers we are looking for are right within us, the bad vibes you get when you’re around someone, tiredness after dealing with a particular friend. All these are messages that should not be ignored. The answer is in the vibes you’re receiving, you do not need to ask for advice about how someone makes you feel, pay attention to the emotion around the situation and advice yourself. Waiting and not rushing can save you years of heartbreak and pain, you may never know a person 100 percent but you should allow enough time to learn the 20 percent you can honestly live with.
This post is getting long so may do part a 2, in conclusion patience is life, everything unfolds itself through exercising patience. I think the older we get we begin to understand through experience that patience is really a virtue and learning to wait is truly a blessing. Let me know your thoughts on this, in what areas of your life have you exercised patience and found it to be a blessing? I want to hear from you. Thank you.
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Focused- Daily Prompt

You never know how
Strong you are until
Strong is all you have to be
It’s easy to watch and praise
Others for what we cannot see

We feel, our life is worse by
Looking at everyone else
And what they doing
Happiness is not perfection
Happiness is not roses

Love is not always joyful
Struggle is not always painful
Why focus on others?
Reality is not always
Success is not always a
straight line. Stay focused


Have a blessed day ❤❤

Good day everyone, 

Another day is upon us, we are blessed to witness this day. Whatever you are doing today i wish you success and great fulfilment at the end of the day. Don’t forget to be yourself, authentic enough to reserve your precious energy.

There is always someone trying to project their feelings and negativity on to you. Just remember who you are and don’t let anyone take away your smile. Be blessed, there is no one like you.. have a good day today! 😍😍😘😘😘❤❤❤